SIBO and My Skin



What is is?

Now, I am not a doctor nor do I play one on TV, but I do have it, so I thought I would give a little explanation of what it is. First off, it stands for Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth. Yeah it’s a mouth full. Basically, SIBO occurs when the bacteria that normally grows in your gut starts to growing in the small intestine. While bacteria are complete normal to grow in our stomach, too much could then start to cause a bunch of issues from bloating to acne.


My SIBO Experience


Now we get to the fun part, my experience with SIBO. I’m not too sure how long I’ve had SIBO, but if I were to guess it would be almost 8 months. I recently found out that I had SIBO a week ago and honestly it was such a relief. I have been searching for acne answers for so long, and I can now say I have the answer I have been looking for.


A little back story that lead to the SIBO conclusion is my on going battle with acne. For the past year, my skin looked like a red cystic mess. 


December 6th, 2018


I was on three different types of acne medicines, one of which was an antibiotic, and nothing was helping. The picture above is me on the three medicines, and as you can see it was still a hot mess. I was just getting so frustrated with EVERYTHING. I didn’t eat dairy, I tried going vegan, I didn’t drink tap water and nothing would change. I was coming to my wits end.


It wasn’t until last week when I visited my Naturopath that I finally got an answer. It was totally out of left field because I would have never thought my skin issues would come from my gut.

During my appointment with my Naturopath, I was going over some concerns of mine, one of which being my skin. I was experiencing terrible bruising, bloating, gas (sorry TMI), fatigue, and of course acne. I honestly didn’t think much of it, but she knew immediately that I had SIBO.


Like I said, I was really excited because I was finally hopeful! I was hopeful that what ever I was about to do to get rid of SIBO might help clear my acne. Now remember, I just found out I had SIBO last week (January 8th, 2019) and it is now January 14th. I have only been taking my herbal supplements to get rid of the bad bacteria for 6 days, and the results are better than I could ever imagine.



January 13th, 2019

My skin has cleared up like crazy. I might not be perfect, but it’s working! My skin hasn’t looked this clear in almost a year. My other symptoms of SIBO are slowly starting to go away, and I could not be happier.


Apart from the herbal supplements, I do have to follow a crazy strict diet. I basically cut out all refined sugar, gluten, dairy, and other some other random foods, but it is well worth it. I would love to do a follow up post when I am done with my supplements and eating SIBO friendly, and debrief about my experience. I am just shocked with the almost immediate results and am so excited for the weeks to come. 

Please feel free to reach out if you too have/had SIBO because I would love to hear about your experience!

Peace and love,


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