In terms of fitness, I find a lot of inspiration through YouTube. I think YouTubers are such a great resource for anyone wanting to start their fitness journey, and I'm going to share a few of my favorites. 

Sarah's Day

Okay my first and favorite YouTuber is Sarah's Day. Let me tell you that girl isn't scared to keep it real. She has tons of videos ranging from workout videos to her night time routine. I can not tell you how many times I have watched, and then re-watched her videos. She takes her viewers along the ups and downs of her fitness, health, and acne story, which is something I really enjoy watching. 


She is what I consider a Girl Boss. Through her YouTube journey, she developed her own eBook, protein balls, and even an active clothing line. I would highly suggest anyone wanting to embark on a healthy lifestyle to check her out!! 

Boho Beautiful 

My next YouTube fave is a cute couple that go by the handle, Boho Beautiful. If you love yoga and or are vegan, then you would love their channel. I tune into their channel primarily for their yoga and pilates videos, but they have fun cooking and lifestyle videos as well. I think if you are wanting to start practicing yoga, but don't want to pay to go to a class every month then Boho Beautiful is a great option. 


Maryana Dvorska

I found Maryana through recommended channels to watch, and I love her. She is similar to Sarah's Day, in the fact that she does a lot of what I eat in a day, gym workouts, and tells us about her fitness journey. She has a vlog style channel, I really enjoy vlog style fitness YouTubers because I feel like I can see what they do to reach their goals. 


Those are just a few people that I really enjoy watching, and if you have a favorite YouTuber I love to check them out! 

Peace and love,


Nancy TrepanyComment