My Supplements

If you are new to holistic living or have been around awhile, you are probably familiar with supplements. Being new to holistic living, I just find supplements fascinating and I thought I would share my supplement protocol with you!

When you first get 'prescribed' supplements from a naturopath, they generally will take samples of your blood to see what you are deficient in. In my case, I was deficient in just a few things but I was really really deficient in those few things. 

Iron IV

My first major deficiency was iron. Normally if you are deficient in iron they might put you on an iron supplement, but in my case they went straight to giving me an iron IV, 6 to be exact. Before seeing a naturopath, I had no idea how big of an impact proper iron levels can do for the body. Everything I get my IV, I feel like a whole new person. I am full of energy and it's almost like my head is clear; not so much brain fog. I've had 3 IVs so far, and they are a wonderful thing. I literally get excited knowing that I am going to receive an IV. 


Now this supplement is very important for helping to diminish my anxiety issue. I have a genetic mutation of the MTHR gene C677T and A1298C. Now this little gene is super important because it helps to turn folate into folic acid. Now folate is super important for the methylation cycle , being that I am converting folate to folic acid 40%-50% of the time the entire cycle slows down. This is important because in that cycle is the production of serotonin. Therefore, if one part of the methylation cycle is damage that then effects the cycle all together. So when I take the methyl-guard (a B vitamin) supplement, this helps the body produce neurotransmitters (chemical messengers in your brain) and supports the breakdown of homocysteine. Folate can assist with the conversion of homocysteine into a non-toxic substance that can be eliminated from your body safely. 

Maca Harmony

This supplement is for hormone balance. Since I discovered that my estrogen was super low for someone my age, this will help raise my estrogen levels. I also get hormonal acne, so I'm hoping this will balance my hormones enough to help clear it up.


This supplement is not an over the counter supplement. I do prescription. This isn't the topical cream you might think, but rather it's an oral pill. This helps to bring my cortisol up because I essentially have a non-scientific term called adrenal-fatigue. This would explain why I am tired all the time. What this supplement does is help raise my adrenal gland naturally and repair the damaged cortisol hormone. 

Liposomal Glutathione 

This supplement is helping to clear liver and help hormone metabolism. 

Vitamin D 

Finally we get to good ol vitamin D. Being that I live in Seattle, she just generally suggests that all her patients take vitamin D purely because the winters in Seattle are very grey. 

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