Tackling Anxiety


The a few years ago, I was diagnosed general anxiety disorder. It’s no big deal really, I would just take a pill everyday and get on with my life. It wasn’t until recently where I tried to get off my pills because I thought I was fine, and literally had the worst panic attack I’ve ever had. I went to doctors, physicists, and they kept telling me the same thing, “you just have really bad anxiety”. While I might be an anxious person, I did not believe that it was solely anxiety. I knew something deeper was going on because I couldn’t control my emotions. I exercised daily, practiced yoga, and even kept a journal, but still panic attacks would creep back into my life.

So August 2018, I went to see a naturopath because I was fed-up with traditional medicine, and honestly I was desperate. When I met with my naturopath, I immediately felt at ease. She sat with me and asked tons of questions about mental health, as well as physical. We had a 45 minute conversation about everything that was going on with me, and I truly felt that she wanted to help me. After everything we discussed, she took about 6 vials of blood and tested my blood for pretty much everything.

When I went back to get my results, the findings were quite extensive. I’m not going to bore you with the technicals but I have crazy low iron levels, a MTHFR gene mutation (yeah never heard of that before), super low cortisol levels, as well as a hormone imbalance. This would explain the anxiety, cystic acne, headaches, and extreme fatigue.

As a result, I was prescribed multiple supplements, 6 iron IVs, a change in diet, and I was excited! After years I was told my anxiety was nothing more than general anxiety, I can now address the underlying cause. I might not be able to eat gluten and my morning route has a few more steps, but that’s okay. This is just the beginning of my journey, but I know great things are happening and would love to share my findings with you!

Nancy TrepanyComment